April 24th, 2013

Product Page Updates

You may have noticed some small changes to Product Pages, (example here) designed to make actions more intuitive and the site easier to use.

1. All the Actions in One Place
Every product has a full-width card showing basic info: Product Name, Brand Name, Category and Sub-Category. This card also contains all of the “actions”, or stuff you might want to do, with the product:
Product Page, Designer Pages

  • Favorite - add product to your personal Favorites)
  • Add to Collection (Stay tuned for another post on this feature, PRO only)
  • Add to Project (PRO only)
  • Share: (1) Facebook (2) Twitter (3) Email)
  • More: (1) View on Brand’s Website (2) Download PDF, a firm-branded “cut sheet” (PRO only)

2. Breadcrumbs (Category info) see image above
Breadcrumbs offer an easier way to backtrack to the category page (ie Seating & Sleeping) or subcategory search results (ie Side/Dining Chairs) that a product exists in. These appear above the Product Name in the full-width card shown above.

3. Attachments
Attachments are now at the bottom of the page rather than the top. The description field (above attachments) is collapsed in order for you to find the attachments more easily. Just click more to expand the description field.

Happy Searching!
Designer Pages

February 7th, 2013

New Feature: Scroll through a Product’s Images on Search Results Pages

Sick of looking at a single, small thumbnail image on search results pages? Us too! It’s hard to tell what you’re looking at and whether the product may be what you want - without having to hop back and forth between search results and product pages. So we launched a new feature to help make search better:

On DesignerPages.com product search, you can now hover over product thumbnails to scroll through more images of that same product.

Check out the short screencast below to watch us demo the new feature in search results for Carpet and Task Chairs.

Here’s how it works: just mouse over the image and scroll through the first 6 images. Clicking the “View Other Images” button will bring you to the product page.

Let us know what you think!

January 1st, 2013

2012 Highlights: New Products and Features for Design Professionals

2012 has been a huge year at Designer Pages. We’ve released new features and restructured content to better help you, design professionals, find the products needed for projects. What’s more - we launched Designer Pages Pro, web-based product management for design firms.

Before jumping into 2013, here’s a recap of the biggest changes and updates you should know about from 2012 …

1. New Category Structure

We restructured content, launching a new category scheme (previously CSI Masterformat) to make it easier for you to find products. This was based on lots of research + great feedback from you - so start searching!


2. Smart Search

The new category structure was the first step toward Smart Search, category-specific search across the brands you want - with advanced search options that help you search and navigate products! You can currently use Smart Search across these categories (with more coming in early 2013!):

Smart Search

2. Autocomplete

Get to the page you want in one click! Start typing something in the search field and you’ll see the content that best fits your query. Select the result you want from the autocomplete menu and land directly on the product page, brand page, category page, project page* (*PRO only) or general product search page that you want! The icons to the left indicate the type of content, so you know where you’re going.


3. Favorites

You can save the products, brands, and projects (more on that next!) you love, all in one place! These are yours and only yours, whether you’re a Basic User or a Pro User. You can get to them from your dropdown menu or your homepage (click the DesignerPages logo in the upper left).


4. Project Folders (PRO only)

At the core of Designer Pages Pro is the Project Folder. Project Folders are visible to your entire firm (but only your firm), helping everyone keep track of products being evaluated and specified. You can create Projects on the fly, rich with information such as location, budget, type, client, and more, OR you can request that Projects be auto-created for you (requires integration with your project start-up software).

All the info in Project Folders feeds back into product search & product/brand pages (in the form of Firm Filters and Firm Perspective modules) so you can harness your firm’s resources and make product search increasingly easier (and faster!).

Project Page

Interested in subscribing your firm to Designer Pages Pro? Reach out to pro@designerpages.com. Got feedback? Email feedback@designerpages.com.

5. Designer Pages Media

2012 brought the expansion of Designer Pages Media - a now integrated platform that includes product editorial on 3rings, A+D news from Otto, and the monthly IDNY event series - along with a newly launched Video site (more on that soon).

We have a lot planned for 2013, so stay tuned!

- Designer Pages Team